PI: A. Geyer (GEO3BCN-CSIC) with broad experience in analogue and numerical simulations, field and geophysical studies and hazard assessment on collapse calderas.

HYDROCAL research team is complemented by:

H. Albert (University of Barcelona) expert on  magmatic processes applying a wide range of techniques: fieldwork, petrography, geochemistry, phase equilibria, and numerical models.

A. Lobo (GEO3BCN-CSIC) has experience with a wide range of digital image sources, including high-resolution color infrared aerial photography, satellite (AVHRR, Vegetation, Modis, Landsat, Spot, ERS, Hyperion…) and hyperspectral (satellite, airborne, laboratory cameras) imagery.

 J. Hickey (University of Exeter) expert on numerical modeling on active volcanic systems.

M. Heap (University of Strasbourg) with broad experience on rock mechanics and deformation experiments and on evaluating the effects of alteration on the physical properties of the rocks and the consequences for future eruptions.

G. Kereszturi (Massey University) expert on hyperspectral remote sensing hyperspectral remote sensing.

X. de Bolós (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) applies several geophysical techniques to the study of active volcanic areas, more specifically to those Mexican calderas hosting exploitable geothermal systems.

D. Pedrazzi (GEO3BCN – CSIC) has a large experience on stratigraphy and mapping of volcanic areas and has extensively worked on the post-caldera volcanism of Deception Island.

M.G. Llorens (GEO3BCN-CSIC) is an expert on numerical simulations of ice and rock dynamics with broad expertise in polar areas.

A. Hosküldsson and I. Jónsdóttir (University of Iceland) are both experts on Icelandic volcanism.

C. Troise (INGV) has extensively worked on Campi Flegrei caldera with special focus on discriminating between magmatic and non-magmatic origin of unrest episodes combining geophysical, monitoring data and numerical modelling.

O. Vilanova (University of Barcelona) is a PhD student working on the hydrothermal alteration minerals of volcanic material deposited during the caldera-forming event of Deception Island.

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